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  • Heat Can Kill

    Without a roof over your head, extreme temperatures can turn deadly. Donate today to provide relief like shelter, first aid and water.

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  • Statement_of_commitment.png

    Statement of Commitment to Justice

    Volunteers of America condemns the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a community where our organization has long provided services to those most affected by the inequities in society. But what’s happening now in our country is about much more than a single incident. A long road brought us to this point, whether it was the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, or the many nameless victims along the way.

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    NYT: Providing a Pandemic Safety Net, Nonprofits Need Their Own

    Social service organizations like Volunteers of America, and other nonprofits, continue to be on the front lines during the pandemic providing life-saving resources to those who need it most. Now, many nonprofits are in jeopardy during the current economic crisis and are in need of support.

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    Getting "Closer!"

    VOA's new video and PSA, "Closer," has never been more timely. It beautifully depicts how we are getting "closer" in new and inventive ways during this time of social distancing and quarantine. VOA continues to work on the front lines in an effort to keep clients and residents safe, in the hope we will all be able to get closer sooner than later!

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  • 1,500,000

    1.5 million people helped annually

  • 57,000

    kids and young people given opportunities they could never have imagined

  • 27,000

    veterans whose lives we have helped improve

  • 28,000

    individuals and families impacted by incarceration helped

  • 11,000

    individuals with intellectual disabilities empowered to be independent and involved in their communities

  • 106,000

    older adults cared for, housed and loved

  • 100,000

    homeless individuals assisted

  • 23,000

    people housed in our 19,426 affordable housing units in 484 properties